Brooklyn Lake Landscaper Retaining Wall Design Build Keystone Compac

Lakeside Landscape Development

Lakefront landscape development makes use of existing natural features: stunning views of the surrounding lake, whether exhilarating early morning sunrises or colorful late day sunsets. Multi-level decks or stone terraces let your guests and you enjoy the visual sights and sounds off the lake with all its seasonal changes. Stone walks and steps provide a beautiful and convenient approach to accessing the lake and adjacent boat docks. Ecologically chosen plants provide seasonal flowering and breathtaking color changes thru spring, summer, and fall.

Our Services Include:

  • Steel or Fieldstone Seawalls
  • Riprap or Geotextiles to Minimize Erosion
  • Stone Terraces and Multi-Level Decks to Retain Bank Areas and Enhance Grade Changes
  • Ledge Rock Steps to Provide Access to Lakefront Amenities
  • Sprinkler Systems Suctioning Water Out of Lakes and Ponds
  • Natural Gas or Wood Burning Firepits And Fireplaces