Our Mission

TERRAFIRMA believes that design and construction are integral components in providing beautiful and livable spaces. We continually stay on the cutting edge of the landscape, basement waterproofing and construction fields by incorporating innovative techniques and materials. Knowledge, experience and a sensitivity to fine detail assure the construction of high quality landscapes. We define excellence in the marketplace and provide long-term value to our customers.


Knowledge , experience, and sensitivity to detail assure the construction of highest quality landscapes. These enriched settings are always distinctive and environmentally conscious; always defining excellence in our marketplace.


Commitment to providing a team approach for execution of our integrated projects along with close individual communication with our clients sets the bar for high achievement and value.


Technical expertise, creative design, and skilled construction are integrated to provide a product that consistently exceeds industry standards.


Cutting-edge products and services including programmable SMART devices that blend leading edge technology with industry accepted construction practices.


Constructing an environmental setting with long-term residual value and continued marketable benefits.


Constantly improving our products and services thereby providing our clients with more habitable spaces and enriched surroundings.


An integrated approach to project development utilizing experienced project supervisors, skilled employees, and trusted partners ensure timely completion of projects within pre-developed budgets.


Development of environment spaces that are both self-sustainable and easily maintainable. Executing “Green Technology” with the goal of conserving our natural resources.